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Multi D Shackle Pack comes with 2 of the following

2 X 8mm D-shackles 316 Stainless
2 X 10mm D-Shackles 316 Stainless
2 X 12mm D-Shackles 304 stainless 

Shackle Information

2 x 8mm D-Shackles

  • 316 Stainless.
  • 1.2t maximum towing mass.
  • Captive pin.
  • 17mm leg width.

Ideal for small dinghy's and jet skis.

With a 1200kg maximum towing mass. 
Similar in size to a key ring, ideal for any small job. 
Clipping a gate shut, tying your dog up, showing off at the local, going for a dive and you want to clip on the catch bag. 

Small (500-750kg) dinghy needs a safety chain. Oops! we forgot the clip for the burley pot, grab the 8mm off the trailer. 
You name it, this thing can do it.

  • 8mm main pin, allow a 10mm hole for the roll pin.

2 x 10mm D-Shackles

  • 316 Stainless.
  • 2.5t maximum towing mass.
  • Captive pin.
  • 18mm leg width.

Ideal for single axle, 6x4 trailers, or 3-6m boats.

These sell faster than we can make them so be quick!
Typically used on a single axle 6x4 trailer, between 700-1500kg.

Much like the 10mm bow shackle, ideal for small to medium-sized trailers. 
With a 10mm main pin and 2.5 tonne towing mass, this shackle is your all-rounder. 
Ideal for the boat or builder's trailer. Put this shackle to use any way you see fit, even attaching the sea anchor to the boat.

  • Allow 12-13mm for the roll pin to fit through the tow bar hole. 

2 x 12mm D-Shackles

  • 304 Stainless.
  • 2.5t maximum towing mass.
  • Captive pin.
  • 23mm leg width.

Typically used in pairs on a tandem axle trailer, between 1500kg-3tonne.

The 12mm D shackle is a step up from the 10mm in every way.
Wider opening, stronger rating, ideal for your larger trailer boat or horse float.
When you don’t want daisy ducking off down the road. 
With a 12mm main pin and 3.5 tonne towing mass, this shackle is the business when it comes to D-Shackles.

  • Allow 14-15mm for the roll pin to fit through the tow bar hole. 
  • Should you need to order 50+ shackles please get in contact direct
  • Designed in NZ by a kiwi, Manufactured in China under license.
  • Snap-D is a New Zealand-owned company.


Towing in Australia? Or need help finding which Shackle is for you? use our shackle guide or contact us today

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